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From left to right: Audrey Faye Hendricks, James Stewart, Arnetta Streeter, and Washington Booker III.

Major Players

Three to four thousand black children marched, protested, sang, and prayed their way to jail during the first week of May 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama. Their goal was to end segregation in the most racially divided and violent city in America. Many young people suffered attacks by snarling German shepherds and days of being crammed into sweltering jail cells. Some wondered if they would survive. And if they did survive, could they accept these punishments with dignity, as they had been trained to do? Or, would they retaliate against the white policemen who were abusing them?

We’ve Got a Job tells the story of the Birmingham Children’s March from the perspectives of four participants: nine-year-old Audrey Hendricks, fourteen-year-old Wash Booker, sixteen-year-old Arnetta Streeter, and fifteen-year-old James Stewart. All four marched and all four went to jail.

Many influential adults also participated in the Birmingham Children’s March. Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth had led the Movement in Birmingham for many years. Martin Luther King Jr. conceived Project C and many other movement efforts in Birmingham and elsewhere. Reverend James Bevel suggested that children should take the place of their parents in the march.

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